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They chose Badgy, and they’ll tell you why!

Read testimonials from customers who have chosen Badgy for their business. They explain the reasons for their choice and why they recommend Badgy to other professionals.

They chose Badgy, and they'll tell you why!

The printed cards are of good quality and the printer is very quick and easy to use. I recommend this solution to other in-home care providers like ours Read more

Emiley Stevens, Office Manager at the Port Orchard, WA office

I work in the prop department for film and television, and Badgy is an essential part of my kit. The software is easy and intuitive, and I use it to create a wide range of custom props, from credit cards and faux drivers' licenses to hospital badges and backstage passes. My Badgy projects have appeared in programs for Netflix, Apple TV, and ABC/Hulu. It is a versatile device that produces unparalleled quality in the convenience of my own office. It saves us so much time and money. I absolutely recommend Badgy for any ID printing needs and more.

Cary Williamson, Property Buyer for Film & TV

We chose an approach which is both attractive and ecological, as plastic badges are much easier to reuse than paper ones. They are also higher quality, which is important for our brand image. Read more

Sébastien Hoeltgen, Corporate Event Specialist at Lombard International Assurance

We are thrilled with the results we have gotten with Badgy, as evidenced by the fact that we have purchased a second Badgy. We are thrilled to see our credentials on backpacks, luggage, skater bags, etc. By providing the loop, they can continue to use the credential, which is additional marketing at little additional cost to us. Read more

Valarie Berger, Club Treasurer at Southport Skating Club

Thanks to the Badgy card printers, we can work faster and are totally independent of external service providers. It is easy to use and gives a very reliable indication of the ribbon's level of use. Read more

Mr Kunath

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