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Badgy is your one-stop shop!

Choose between our two complete packages, Badgy100 or Badgy200, to instantly create and print your personalized cards and badges independently.

Each solution contains:

  • Evolis Badge Studio personalization software
  • privileged access to a free online template library
  • a card printer
  • a set of blank cards and a color ribbon

Our solutions are designed to be easy to use and accessible to all, while ensuring a professional result adapted to your needs.

A complete offer: everything is included!

Evolis Badge Studio software

Both intuitive and powerful, Evolis Badge Studio software is the essential tool to create and print all types of badges and cards. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create fully personalized badges in just a few clicks. You can edit and add text, photos, logos, barcodes, or QR codes directly to your badge design using our intuitive interface. Compatible with Windows and Mac, two versions of the software are available:

  • Standard Edition, included with Badgy100
  • Plus Edition, included with Badgy200, which allows you to easily manage importing your databases
Discover the software
Badgy Software - Evolis Badge Studio

The free template library

Although you can create your badges from scratch, you can also use our free templates for inspiration. In addition to the Evolis Badge Studio software, the Badgy template library offers dozens of card templates for all business sectors and uses. You can access the library quickly from our website and download the badge designs you are interested in for free. They can be fully edited and personalized in our software to best match your brand image.

Discover the template library
Badgy Free library template

The Badgy card printer

The Badgy professional badge printer allows you to print all your badges in color or monochrome in less than a minute. You can be completely independent and issue cards on demand, individually, or in small batches. Compact—completely discreet and can be integrated into any work environment. Easy to use—operates like a standard office printer and even lets you know when you need to change your ribbon or insert blank cards.

2 models available:

  • Badgy100, for printing personalized badges on demand
  • Badgy200, for quickly issuing cards with edge-to-edge printing
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Badgy printers : Badgy100 - Badgy200


A color ribbon, blank PVC cards, and a cleaning card are included in the Badgy solution. These allow you to print your first cards immediately after your purchase. The premium-quality consumables are the only ones that are 100% compatible with our all-in-one solutions. They ensure an optimized professional look for all your prints. Need more consumables? Whichever Badgy model you’re using, our consumable kits are easily available and include everything you need to print up to 100 badges. Additional accessories (lanyards, badge holders, etc.) are also available for your specific needs.

Discover our consumables and accessories
Badgy consumables for Badgy printers

Get started with Badgy: your first badge is ready in 15 minutes!

How to print on cards with Badgy?

The package includes everything you need to install and use your solution immediately. You can personalize and print your first cards at in just 15 minutes! Everything has been designed to make your life easier.

    Install the Evolis Badge Studio design software and the printer driver in a few clicks. Connect two cables and start using your Badgy printer!
    Using the online template library, download your preferred badge template free of charge.
    With the Evolis Badge Studio software, you can fully personalize your card or badge based on a template or a blank design in a few clicks.
  4. PRINT
    Your badge is printed in less than a minute and ready to use!


They chose Badgy, and they'll tell you why!

The printed cards are of good quality and the printer is very quick and easy to use. I recommend this solution to other in-home care providers like ours Read more

Emiley Stevens, Visting Angels

We chose an approach which is both attractive and ecological, as plastic badges are much easier to reuse than paper ones. They are also higher quality, which is important for our brand image. Read more

Sébastien Hoeltgen, Corporate Event Specialist at Lombard International Assurance

When a member comes to the club, the receptionist can identify the member quickly thanks to the photo, which effectively prevents the card being used by others. Read more

Kong Qingda, Président Directeur Généra de Dinglong Fitness Center

It's a practical and economical solution, adapted to our constraints, which are responsiveness and flexibility. I also like the infinite possibilities in terms of graphic design and templates. Read more

Elsa Barrault, ESPL Angers

Thanks to the Badgy card printers, we can work faster and are totally independent of external service providers. It is easy to use and gives a very reliable indication of the ribbon's level of use. Read more

Joachim Kunath, Kunath Germany

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Need more information?

YES. You can print identical series of badges and, with the ‘version +’ of the Evolis Badge Studio® software, series of badges showing different information, thanks to your imported database.

Badgy is the ideal solution for printing many types of cards: from employee badges to cafeteria cards, from loyalty cards to membership cards, and much more.

For more details relating to your business, please visit our dedicated pages: Company, Store, School, Club & Association, Local Government, Healthcare Facilities.

The Evolis Badge Studio software is the perfect tool to help you create your cards. You can open one of the many templates included in our software or in our template library and personalize it, or create your own design with the same software.

For more information, download our guide here.