Southport Skating Club Awards the Gold to Badgy for Arena Safety Badges

The Southport Skating Club was determined to increase the security of their venues and events. They chose Badgy to print thousands of credentials in the past years.

Southport Skating Club, a member club of U.S. Figure Skating, started in 1979 with a mission to promote the sport of figure skating.  The club, headquartered in Gurnee, IL is a 501c3 organization with no paid employees. They hold 2 competitions each year and 10 test sessions for skaters, run by their board of directors and member volunteers.

All skating professionals with membership at Southport Skating Club average 10 years of experience and are a mix of both competitive and recreational skaters of all levels and abilities. Amid its’ rich history and integrity, the club’s goal is to provide a healthy ice-skating environment as well as support, recognition, and growth opportunities to all skaters. Yearly memberships are available to skaters and coaches, while college students can sign up for a free 4-year collegiate membership.


Challenge – Increase the security of the Club’s venues and events

The Southport Skating Club was determined to increase the security of their venues and events.  A major part of their member safety plan included the provision of credentials to all members to address access control requirements. In addition to enhanced security, the club wanted a printing solution that would print professional, marketable, reusable, and novel badges.

“Every skater, coach, volunteer and official must have the appropriate credentials to enter various parts of the ice rink. Before Badgy, we would print credentials on nametag card stock and put into credential holders,” said Valarie Berger, Club Treasurer at Southport Skating Club.


Solution- The Badgy all-in-one card printing solution for its convenience, ease of use, and price point.

Badgy produces a very professional credential that cannot be modified by the cardholder or anyone with bad intensions. This is important when safety is a factor. The cards can be created to meet your needs and include any designs or information you deem necessary,” Berger said.

Club volunteers have printed thousands of credentials in the past five years and the organization has recently purchased a second Badgy printer to keep up with demand.

“Our first printer was the Badgy 100, and we have now upgraded to the Badgy 200,” said Berger.


Results – Customizable arena safety badges that market the Southport Skating brand

The cards, which are personalized on site and on demand by Badgy, are pre-printed with artwork at Plastic Card ID, a partner of Badgy manufacturer Evolis.  The cards are paired with either a simple black or flashy, “blinged out” lanyard.

We found Badgy very easy to use. When we distribute the credentials, our skaters get a lanyard and a loop, to use the lanyard as a suitcase tag after the competition,” said Berger.

A picture of the competition logo, and the name and role of the skater or volunteer are on the front of the card. The back of each card has a place to write an address or affix a return address label.

“We are thrilled with the results we have gotten with Badgy, as evidenced by the fact that we have purchased a second Badgy. We are thrilled to see our credentials on backpacks, luggage, skater bags, etc.  By providing the loop, they can continue to use the credential, which is additional marketing at little additional cost to us.”

Valarie Berger, Club Treasurer at Southport Skating Club

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