Create and print your own membership cards

Enable access to your facilities and easily identify your members with membership cards for your club or association.


Badgy’s all-in-one packages are affordable solutiona that allow you to independently create and print membership cards.

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An affordable solution for instant printing of membership cards

Replace your paper cards with professional-looking membership cards

Your members and volunteers are essential to the life of your club or association. As important as it is to gain their loyalty, in order to mobilize them over the long term, it’s also important for you to facilitate their management, activities, and missions. Another concern, of course, is the managing your organization’s finances. The aim is to ensure your credibility and the professionalism of your organization, while also limiting your expenses. Choosing to create your own membership cards is an easy way to meet these needs.

Invest in a practical and affordable solution

Controlling your operating costs is very important for your organization and possibly external partners. You may be surprised to find out creating your own membership cards and other badges for your club and association is often less expensive than using an external service provider. Badgy offers you the most affordable complete badge creation and printing package on the market. Your investment is limited and the cost per card is reduced.


Enjoy a professional look with ease

Do you think that personalizing your club or association badges on a plastic card will be a long and complicated process? Think again. Compared to hand-filled cards with a plastic flap that are easily damaged and often look unprofessional, plastic cards offer many advantages. You don’t need to be a graphic designer or have any special skills to use Badgy: the included software and printer are easy to use and the free template library offers fully customizable badge templates. You can create membership cards in your corporate colors, with a professional and durable look, in just a few minutes.

Gain flexibility for your membership card printing needs

Badgy allows you to anticipate your needs so you waste little time when creating your membership cards, and even during registration and back-to-school periods. If you opt for Badgy200, you can prepare your membership database in advance with all the required information, and you can easily import it into Evolis Badge Studio Plus. You can then print your name badges instantly in small batches. You are no longer dependent on the delivery times of an external supplier or their minimum orders. Dealing with a lost membership card or new members to register during the year? Issue your cards on demand. Badgy is an affordable all-in-one solution for all your needs.

Create your own membership cards

Professional-looking membership cards

Strengthen the sense of belonging to your club or association by identifying your members with membership cards in your organization’s colors. These cards allow you to:

  • ensure secure access to your facilities
  • know the year of registration of each person
  • monitor the payment of contributions by inserting a barcode linked to the membership number.

Each membership card can serve as an ID card, with the possibility of including the name and photo of the member, as well as their membership number, their year of registration, and their chosen activities.

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Sport membership card with barcode printed with Badgy

Certification cards for all activities

These cards highlight both the skills of your members, who can keep the card, and the professionalism of your club or association.

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Diving certification card with barcode printed with Badgy
Event badge printed with Badgy Interior signage card for lights printed with Badgy Business card printed with Badgy

Easily print all the cards that your club or association needs

Event badge printed with Badgy

Event Badges

Do you organize parties, fundraisers, or special sales for your club or association? Provide each volunteer and team member with a badge on site so that everyone can easily identify the event organizers if needed.

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Interior signage card for lights printed with Badgy

Interior Signage

The “credit card” format printed by Badgy allows you to create small signage elements for your premises.

For example, you can indicate the name and location of sports or art equipment available to your members. This also makes it easier to store them. You can also display important information.

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Business card printed with Badgy

Business Cards

Easily communicate the contact details of your association or club on original plastic business cards. Are you a club offering sports or cultural activities? You can also include course schedules so that your members always have them to hand.

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They chose Badgy, and they'll tell you why!

I chose Badgy for its professional look, its simplicity and the time it allows us to save when providing membership cards for our customers. It’s for all of these reasons that I would recommend it! Fitness chain in china issues membership cards

Damien Sauvant, Manager and coach at Fit’nSquash

We chose a plastic card printer because the cardboard badges didn't look durable enough to us. Membership Cards for a Spanish NGO

José Cabrera, President AGCS

As well as being good value for money, the printer is very easy to use and it makes our card production process much more flexible Personalized Name Badges for Fountaine Pajot

Steven Guédeau, Sales director of Fountaine Pajot

Since we started using Badgy, it’s much easier to keep track of our members. The plastic card creates sense of belonging to the club. It also shows our quality and professionalism. We can’t imagine working without Badgy. Membership card for the Ducs d'Angers ice hockey club

David Deshaies, General Manager of the Ducs d’Angers

The printer perfectly meets my initial requirements for this kind of device. The software is absolutely incredible! Even after the purchase, the German-speaking team in France was available to answer my questions within a day. The price was also much more affordable than other offers made by competitors. Membership Cards with QR Codes for German Shooting Club

Ulrich Grothe

Badgy solution package including: software, printer, consumables

Imagine all the club cards you can print with Badgy

Badgy solution package including: software, printer, consumables

Create and print membership cards and badges in a flash with our all-in-one solutions

Badgy lets you create every imaginable membership badge with ease. All-in-one packages include:

  • a membership card printer for associations and clubs
  • Evolis Badge Studio design software
  • a free online template library to find templates
  • a color ribbon and blank PVC cards

Everything you need to get started!

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