Evolis consumables and accessories for your Badgy solutions

Your first set of consumables are included in the Badgy all-in-one pack. You’ll want to reorder more so you are ready for the next print job.

Badgy offers a complete range of products:

  • consumables (cards, ribbons, and cleaning),
  • additional accessories for all your uses,
  • extended warranties.
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Consumables and accessories for all your needs

Whichever Badgy model you have, consumables and accessories are available and easy to find at your usual reseller. Our premium quality ribbons, blank cards, and cleaning kits have been designed to work exclusively with our all-in-one solutions. Choose Badgy quality for maximum benefit:

  • Our products are easy to use and offer a professional look,
  • Designed to optimize all your print jobs,
  • This maximizes the lifespan of your Badgy solution.

Our accessories complete the range to meet all your specific needs. Our extended warranties offer you up to 2 years of additional peace of mind in case of any issues.

Badgy - Consummables kit printer Badgy - Cards Badgy - Ribbons

All our consumables for printing with Badgy

Badgy - Consummables kit printer

Complete kit for 100 prints


Our complete kit has everything you need for up to 100 single-sided prints:

  • 100 thick PVC cards (0.76mm),
  • 1 YMCKO color ribbon for 100 prints.
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Badgy - Cards

Blank PVC cards

CBGC0020W - CBGC0030W

Choose thin or thick blank cards:

  • Pack of 100 thin white PVC cards—0.50mm (20 mil),
  • Pack of 100 thick white PVC cards—0.76 mm (30 mil).
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Badgy - Ribbons

Printing ribbons

Choose a color or monochrome ribbon according to your needs:

  • YMCKO color ribbon for 100 prints. Reference CBGR0100C,
  • Black monochrome ribbon for 500 prints. Reference CBGR0500K.
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Badgy Cleaning kit Badgy Cleaning card Badgy Cleaning pen

All our consumables for cleaning your Badgy printer

Badgy Cleaning kit

Complete cleaning kit


Regular cleaning of your Badgy printer is recommended to ensure quality prints. To help you do this, our kit includes:

  • 2 T-shaped cleaning cards,
  • cleaning pen.
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Badgy Cleaning card

Cleaning card


Using the T-shaped card ensures high-quality prints

  • Pack of 10 cleaning cards.
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Badgy Cleaning pen

Cleaning pen


Using the cleaning pen to clean the print head on your Badgy printer on a regular basis ensures quality prints.

  • Set of 3 cleaning pens.
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Get peace of mind with our extended warranties

Our extended warranties ensure that your Badgy solution will continue to function optimally for one or two additional years after expiration of the initial warranty period.

With the “standard” warranty extension, in the event of a hardware issue, Evolis will cover the cost of replaced components and/or parts, including the print head, as well as the labor and return costs (1) for the repaired machine. The standard warranty of your Badgy covers the return to the workshop, but you are responsible for the shipping costs.

With our extended warranty “delivery and workshop return” (2), we cover the full costs for delivery and return of your printer.

(1) Standard warranty conditions

(2) Only available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.


Warranty extensions available for your Badgy printer
Standard warranty extension (carry-in only) 1 year EWBD212SD
Standard warranty extension (carry-in only) 2 years EWBD224SD
Pick up and return warranty extension 1 year EWBD212PR
Pick up and return warranty extension 2 years EWBD224PR

Maximize the use of your Badgy with the right accessories

Take your Badgy anywhere with the travel bag

Need to take your Badgy to an event, or to another shop or company in your network? Suitable for both Badgy100 and Badgy200, the travel bag allows you to easily transport your printer wherever you want. It protects the printer from possible impacts and provides two additional compartments to store your cards and your ribbon.

The bottom of the bag is reinforced to ensure durability and it also has a reinforced handle for easy carrying, as well as a shoulder strap for convenience.

Reference: A5311

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Badgy - Travel bag

Customizable accessories from Sogedex

Whether for your business cards, visitor or event badges, our partner Sogedex, a subsidiary of the Evolis Group, offers accessories adapted to all your needs and uses. For more than 35 years, Sogedex has been THE manufacturer and specialist for personal identification. With more than 450 accessory models, discover a large choice of lanyards, badge holders, or attachment systems suitable for almost every field of activity.

Sogedex offers standard delivery anywhere in Europe, and by quotation for the rest of the world.

Discover the Sogedex accessories
Sogedex Accessories for cards printed with Badgy

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