Companies: create professional badges and employee IDs

Increase the security of your premises and enhance your company image with employee badges and ID cards.

With Badgy, you can personalize badges with your company branding and print them on durable and professional-quality plastic cards.

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Print your own personalized company cards and badges with Badgy

Stand out from the crowd with professional company cards that reflect your image

Organizing your company, managing staff, controlling visitor access, and running events are all areas in which a solution to design and print your own company badges is an interesting proposition.

Indeed, issuing company cards yourself has many advantages.

Make your business premises secure

Personalized ID cards allow you to easily manage employee, contractor, or external visitor access to your premises or events. These badges provide simple, visual identification with the addition of photos, barcodes, or QR codes that can indicate the authorizations of each person. The plastic card format is also durable and difficult to forge.

Did you know that you can also choose paper cards for your visitor cards? Available in the Badgy offer, they are an ecological alternative for short-term use.

Meeting with several employees identified with Badgy company badges

Enhance your company's brand image

More than just company badges, each of your cards can also convey the professionalism of your company. Whether it’s employee ID cards, business cards, invitations, or even interior signage, every card or badge is a way to stand out from the crowd. With Badgy, you don’t need to be a graphic designer! Fully personalize your company cards and badges with your logo and colors using the included software and card templates. This allows you to enhance your brand image internally and with your customers.

Gain flexibility

Have you just hired a new employee? Has an employee lost their company badge? No problem. If you choose an all-in-one card printing solution, you can issue your own badges on demand, in a matter of seconds. You are no longer dependent on an external printer or supplier, nor subject to a minimum order. Issue or replace cards immediately, while ensuring a high-quality and professional appearance. Save valuable time with the ability to easily manage your databases from the included design software!

Badgy solutions are adapted to all your needs!

Your personalized company name badges

Your personalized employee badges

Employee ID cards are an essential visual identification tool for securing access to your premises. Whatever the size of your company, make management easier by giving each member of staff a professional, personalized name badge. Include their name, role, department, specific access authorizations if necessary, and a photo.
These employee badges can also be fully personalized with your logo and colors to match your corporate image.

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Visitor badges on demand

If your company regularly welcomes external visitors, it is important for you and your staff to be able to identify them easily.
By issuing visitor badges at your reception desk, you can manage access with simple visual identification.
These name badges can be created and printed in a few seconds, either in advance or when people arrive for added flexibility.

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Visitor badge printed with Badgy
Business card printed with Badgy Event badge printed with Badgy Interior signage Gift card with barcode printed with Badgy

Your company badges and cards

Business card printed with Badgy

Business Cards

Provide your employees with a simple tool to share your company’s contact details and important information when they make contact with a customer or service provider.
Offering plastic business cards is an easy way to stand out from your competitors in an original and durable format.

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Event badge printed with Badgy

Event Badges

Do you organize internal or external events? It is essential to provide professional-looking name badges for your participants. You can create and print your cards in advance or on site for last-minute participants.

This makes it easier to identify everyone and grant them access. You can also choose the plastic card format for memorable invitations!

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Interior signage

Interior Signage

Easily display important information or directions on your premises for your employees and visitors. The “credit card” format ensures a discreet but professional look for all your small interior signage.

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Gift card with barcode printed with Badgy

And much more...

In addition to ID badges, there’s so much more you can do with Badgy! Create your own certification cards to validate internal training, set up a visual management process with specific cards, or offer personalized gift cards to your employees.

Anything is possible!

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They chose Badgy, and they'll tell you why!

We chose an approach which is both attractive and ecological, as plastic badges are much easier to reuse than paper ones. They are also higher quality, which is important for our brand image. Read more

Sébastien Hoeltgen, Corporate Event Specialist at Lombard International Assurance

We needed a physical access control solution for this project. Badgy is a low-cost and efficient card printer that met all our expectations! Read more

Ms Billard, HSE Manager (Health, Safety and Environment)

I print around 50 color badges per month with photo ID and a QR code. I’ve been using the Badgy printer for two months now and I’m very pleased with it. Read more

Laure Hazebrouck - Le Loft

The credit card format is one of the major advantages of this printer, as the cards easily fit into a wallet. Read more

Luc Atlan, treasurer of the UNSA airport union

Badgy solution package including: software, printer, consumables

The Badgy solution for your business

Badgy solution package including: software, printer, consumables

Create company badges with ease

Badgy’s all-in-one packages have everything you need to personalize and print all your company’s badges yourself:

  • Evolis Badge Studio design software
  • an online library of free templates
  • a card printer
  • ribbon and card consumables to issue your first company badges.
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