Print all types of student and school ID cards yourself for your school

Ensure secure access to your school with personalized school ID cards.

With Badgy, you can easily create student and employee IDs that are difficult to fake on a durable plastic card. Promote a sense of belonging among students and ensure secure access to your school or university with personalized identification badges.

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Personalize and print your school badges and cards with Badgy

Create your school ID cards independently

The management of any school requires proper organization to match the expectations of the teaching and administrative staff with the needs of the students and parents. The in-house design and printing of student ID cards, as well as badges to access the various services of your school, can be a real asset.

Make your school entrances and exits secure

In order to make your premises as secure as possible, It is essential for you to quickly identify the students and others authorized to move freely within your establishment. For this purpose, school badges, student ID cards, and employee ID badges are invaluable tools as they allow you to visually identify who is authorized to come in and out of your school. Turn these badges into real school ID cards with personal information: name, photo, grade, class, and even a barcode or QR code.

children playing in a secure nursery with Badgy identification badges

Enjoy maximum autonomy and flexibility

The enrollment and back-to-school periods are the most intense times of the school year for your administrative staff. It is essential for you to save precious time in your organization, while also providing a high-quality service to students and their parents. By designing and printing your own student cards within your establishment, you gain full autonomy to issue all your badges in one go. Print lost badges and cards for new arrivals instantly, on demand. No need to depend on an external service provider, you can manage your enrollments from A to Z.

Maximize your investment by printing cards for multiple uses

Your school is a place of learning, but it also offer lots of additional services to students. Do you have a cafeteria service? A library or resource center? Student clubs or associations? Do you regularly organize events, open houses, seminars, or extracurricular activities? For all these uses, the creation of a badge or a card helps you to organize and manage all these kinds of activities. Badgy’s all-in-one solutions offer you a multitude of possibilities for all your needs.

One printer for all school ID cards for your elementary school, middle school, high school, and or college

Personalized school badges for students

Easily identify children in your elementary school or during extracurricular activities. School cards provide a simple and robust way of identifying the name, class, and permissions of each child. This makes your school more secure and makes it easier for your staff to manage students entering and exiting the premises.

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School badge vertical printed with Badgy

Student cards to access different services

The student card is an essential tool offered by higher education institutions. A real school ID card allows you to ensure secure access to your premises with simple visual identification. Each student’s name, photo, year of study, department, and a barcode or QR code can be displayed. It also gives them access to many additional services: library, cafeteria, student associations, and even discounts in certain stores.

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Student card with barcode printed with Badgy
Cafeteria card vertical printed with Badgy Library card with white edge printed with Badgy Event badge printed with Badgy

A multitude of card options for your establishment

Cafeteria card vertical printed with Badgy

Cafeteria Cards

Identify students who have access to the school cafeteria service at lunchtime with personal cafeteria cards. Cafeteria cards allow you to manage the flow of students or schoolchildren by visually indicating their class or cafeteria time slot.

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Library card with white edge printed with Badgy

Library Cards

Facilitate access to your school’s library or resource center by offering students a personalized library card. You can add a barcode or QR code to simplify the management and tracking of book loans.

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Interior Signage

Whether you want to display classroom numbers, attach student names to lockers, identify equipment and instructions, or identify living and activity areas for schoolchildren, Badgy solutions make all this possible. Take advantage of the plastic card format to optimize your interior signage so that it is simple and easy to understand for your students.

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Event badge printed with Badgy

And much more...

Make the most of your investment by also creating:

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They chose Badgy, and they'll tell you why!

It's a practical and economical solution, adapted to our constraints, which are responsiveness and flexibility. I also like the infinite possibilities in terms of graphic design and templates. Flexibility and independence for issuing student cards

Ecole ESPL - France

We are satisfied with the high cost-performance ratio of BADGY200. It can meet our requirements in terms of the number of cards issued, and we can personalize the designs on every card. BADGY200 is compact and simple and easy to use. Employee id cards at chinese flight academy

Luan Hong, Dean of Academy

Badgy solution package including: software, printer, consumables

The Badgy solution, ideal for your school

Badgy solution package including: software, printer, consumables

Create your school ID cards easily with our free templates

With Badgy’s complete packages, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to get school cards and badges in your school’s colors. You benefit from:

  • an online template library with free templates for school ID cards,
  • intuitive design software to personalize your badges,
  • a Badgy card printer,
  • consumables, blank cards, and color ribbon.

Everything you need to create your own cards and badges.

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