How schools can use Badgy to create a range of ID cards and teaching materials

Managing your school is a major challenge. Your students’ parents expect a high standard of education, and you have to ensure that your school is safe, and that your teaching staff have everything they need. What if an ID card printer could make your life easier?

Address 3 key issues for your school with multi-purpose school ID cards

Security, education, and simplicity. You are probably wondering how simple badges could be an answer to these 3 issues for your school. Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything!

1- Keep your school safe with ID cards

Comings and goings at your school are undoubtedly a source of concern. You need to be able to keep your premises secure so that only authorized individuals can enter: your students, teachers, administrative staff, or any outside parties.

Visual identification is a simple solution meeting this need.

Creating school ID badges allow you to immediately identify authorized individuals entering and leaving the school by means of fully personalized ID cards. The card shows:

  • last name,
  • first name,
  • date of birth,
  • photo,
  • and the role, for staff,
  • or class, for students.

What’s more, you can also use a color code or a specific indication for students who are allowed to go out unaccompanied or have lunch at home.

The advantage of school cards when printed on plastic, besides their durability, is that they are difficult to counterfeit. You can add your school’s logo or any other graphic elements to make them unique and specific to your school.

This will give you peace of mind about access to your premises as well reassurance for parents.

2- Give your teachers an extra teaching tool

Your teachers are constantly reinventing their teaching methods to adapt them to children’s needs and to the curriculum. It’s not easy to come up with new ideas on a budget that is often tight.

Why not opt for a plastic card printing solution to bring their ideas to life?


The card format is ideal for children to handle: the size of a traditional playing card, the plastic cards are big enough to be readable but also small enough not to take up too much space. And the durability of the plastic medium is a real bonus as cards wear out very quickly when children play with them, particularly if they are made of paper or cardboard. With a game or a teaching aid using plastic cards there is no need to reprint and laminate them every month. They are also easy to clean with soap and water if necessary.

Finally, the design options are endless!

  • Memory games,
  • cards with colors, shapes, letters of the alphabet, numbers, or animals,
  • happy families,
  • permission to cycle or walk to school,
  • calendar,
  • picture book,
  • merit cards,

The only limit is your imagination

3- Make life easier for your staff with school ID cards and appropriate signage

The types of plastic card you can create and print is not limited to access cards or teaching materials. They have other features making them ideal for many other uses.

Maybe your school has a canteen, a library, or an after-school childminding service?

You can provide your students with personalized school ID cards to make life easier for your staff. Whether it’s for canteen, library or daycare cards, with an all-in-one solution, you can create badges with a barcode or QR code linked to your billing or borrowing system. Just scan the code and everything is recorded effortlessly! This takes the hassle out of managing your supplementary services.

Do you regularly organize field trips outside school?

For field trips and excursions, whether to the swimming pool, the sports stadium, or anywhere else, you can use name cards to immediately identify the children, teachers, accompanying adults, or anyone else involved. In addition to all the details of the badge holder, you can also include a contact phone number in case of problems or concerns.

Do you need identification that is small, legible, and durable?

Plastic credit-card size ID cards are ideal: durable and discreet, while also highly visible. Depending on the style you want to create, they can also include a variety of information for use in your school or in class:

  • classroom materials: brushes, paints, games, etc.
  • places: toilets, nap room, classroom name or number,
  • or even more specific information for children: coat rack, locker, etc.

You can improve your staff’s daily life while promoting children’s autonomy, as they will easily recognize what they need, whether in writing or shown by a drawing.

Discover Badgy for schools

A school badge printing solution designed for schools and made in France

So what is the shortcut to getting started with school badge printing? Read on for everything you need to know about the Badgy Solution in a nutshell.

Badgy, an affordable all-in-one package

Badgy is the French-made solution you need to print all your school cards!

Manufactured and assembled on our production lines near Angers (France), Badgy is an all-in-one package that allows you to produce your first badges in less than 15 minutes after initial set-up. It then takes less than a minute for each new card you print.

To make life easier for you, everything is in the box:

  • badge creation software,
  • an online library of card templates,
  • a card printer,
  • a starter kit of consumables, blank cards, and ribbon.

And last but not least: Badgy is the most affordable French-made solution on the market. To best meet your needs, it is available in 2 versions: Badgy100 or Badgy200.  Its wide range of possible uses and scope for creativity also mean your investment will repay itself quickly.

Discover our solutions

Autonomy and flexibility: two advantages not to be overlooked!

Still not sure if Badgy is right for your school? A badge printing solution on-site at your school brings two key benefits in your daily routine.

  • Autonomy

You are no longer dependent on an external service provider for your badges. You will have everything you need to create or print your own cards. And you don’t need to be a graphic designer to create your own badges. The solution includes the Evolis Badge Studio software and the online card template library to inspire you. You can do everything in your office in just a few minutes.

  • Flexibility

Having your own system also means you can produce your cards whenever you want or need to, without having to wait. There’s no need to meet a minimum order requirement or factor in lead times. You can print in bulk or card-by-card as required. Has a student lost their canteen badge? You can give them a new one straight away. New starters can be issued with their school badge on their first day.


So, have you been won over?

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An all-in-one solution for printing your own cards

Badgy - Solution tout-en-un - Logiciel
Intuitive software for creating and personalizing badges: Evolis Badge Studio in Standard or Plus versions.
Badgy solution package including: software, printer, consumables
2 solutions: Badgy100 and Badgy200. Each solution includes a card printer and a consumables pack: ribbon, blank PVC cards, and a cleaning card.
An online template library offering customizable card templates to download for free.
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