Paper, Digital, or Connected Business Cards: Five Preconceived Ideas

The business card, an often overlooked resource

With almost 100 billion business cards printed each year, their benefits have made them an essential means of communication for professionals wishing to establish their presence, expand their network, or simply exchange their contact details (telephone number, email address, etc.) with someone else. Whether your contact is a customer, prospect, or colleague, the business card is often the starting point of a professional relationship.

So when should you make use of a business card? It can be useful in many contexts and situations. At a trade show, where exchanging contact details is commonplace; at a meeting where you encounter new contacts with whom you want to stay in touch; when concluding a discussion with a prospect and you want to be sure they call you back; on a self-service basis in a store, and so on.

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Being highly adaptable, the business card has also undergone several evolutions and developments in line with new trends, notably those of digitalization and connected devices. Thanks to its innovative nature, it has succeeded in carving out a place for itself through successive waves of reinvention in the form of digital business cards, connected business cards, business cards with integrated QR codes, and more. However, because it now comes in various formats, it is often misunderstood and this can give rise to a range of preconceived ideas, which may or may not be accurate.

Preconceived ideas about business cards


  1. “There’s no point in having a business card, it’s not relevant nowadays.”


    False : The primary role of a business card is to transmit a person’s contact details accurately, so that they can be easily contacted later via their various communication channels (telephone number, email, postal address, social networks, etc.). The recipient can find all the information they need to contact the person in one place. In the age of digitalization, you might think that it’s no longer of any real interest and that you can simply send your contact details by email or text message. But it is a real time-saver, as it combines all this information in one place. What’s more, an email or text message is impersonal—you’re more likely to leave a lasting impression on the other person by personally handing them a business card.

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    Creating a personalized business card also helps to consolidate and promote your brand image. By taking the time to personalize it and make it as esthetically pleasing as possible, you positively influence your brand image, whatever your sector. A personalized, professional business card should contain your brand attributes: your company’s color codes and any graphic elements relating to your business. Before printing your card, feel free to browse the template library on the Badgy website , where there is a range of pre-designed business card templates. You can take full advantage of cards with a sophisticated, modern look, without the need for advanced graphic design skills.

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    Finally, far from being superfluous, the business card also has a direct impact on your sales numbers. These increase by 2.5% when the prospect receives a business card. All the more reason to pay attention not only to the format, as mentioned above, but also to the content! Your business card should contain relevant information about who you are and/or what you do, while presenting these elements as clearly and smartly as possible. As you can see, the benefits of a business card are as varied as they are numerous.

  2. “Few people keep the paper business cards they’re given.”


    True : Nine out of ten paper business cards are thrown away within a week. At a trade show, for example, visitors collect numerous business cards at various stands, but in the end, how many of them are actually kept? Likewise, the slightest change in the owner’s role or contact details can quickly render a business card obsolete. To reduce this waste and offer a more sustainable solution, Badgy’s vCard digital business card offers an interesting alternative. Using a single business card, you can send your contact details as many times as you like to other people’s smartphones. Practical, reusable, and space-saving, it eliminates the need to print hundreds of business cards, helping to reduce the use of single-use cards. It’s also a more cost-effective solution, since there is no need to order large quantities of cards from your service provider when only one is needed. The benefits of a digital business card are well established.

  3. “There’s no real difference between a digital business card and a traditional business card.”


    False : Digital business cards are more durable than traditional paper cards. They last longer and are less likely to be damaged. Just print one and you’re ready to send your contact details to your contacts’ smartphones with a single action!  What’s more, digital business cards can also convey an upscale, more modern image to customers and prospects, offering a real competitive edge and allowing you to stand out from the crowd and your competitors.

  4. “The digital business card has added value compared to the traditional paper business card.”


    True : By printing a single vCard digital card, you benefit first and foremost from a card that can be reused for several years, which represents significant savings. It’s also practical, as you don’t have to carry around hundreds of cards to distribute. For your contacts too, it allows them to store your data quickly and means they don’t risk losing your contact details. Last but not least, unlike many traditional business cards, they are made from a durable material (PVC), so there’s no risk of tearing, creasing, or scratching.

  5. “You have to have a state-of-the-art smartphone to be able to use a digital card.”


    False : A smartphone-friendly business card doesn’t necessarily require the latest generation of hardware. Your contact scans the QR code on your business card using their smartphone’s camera, presses the “add to contacts” button that appears, and your contact details appear directly on their screen, ready to be saved. This feature is compatible with all smartphones and does not require the installation of a specific application beforehand. It is particularly easy to use, so you don’t need to be a technology buff to master it and it doesn’t require the very latest smartphone either. It allows easy, instant transmission of your business card, without the slightest risk of error. It’s also more convenient for your contacts, who no longer have to enter contact details manually. A real time-saver for everyone!

The business card, timeless and essential

In short, the business card, whether paper, digital, or connected, remains an indispensable tool for communication and networking in the professional world. Despite the preconceived ideas that can affect its image, it continues to evolve and adapt to today’s needs, proving its effectiveness. The personalization, innovation, and ease of use of modern business cards not only strengthen your brand image, they also open the door to new opportunities. As you can see, the most important thing is to choose a business card that reflects your professional identity.

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